Pure chaos ...

Do you really believe, every corner in my house would be always perfect? Forget it! :D I've disposed so many unused things, but the rest? The room is to small (less than 95 ft) --- it's really hard to create a decorative organization with the necessary furniture and at the same time simulate a feeling of plenty of space. Okay, rain will comes this afternoon ... a perfect day, to find an ideal solution to this challenge. Let's see, if I can find my creative moment or only the sofa :) ...



No time for negative bullshit ;)

In recent days I have dispelled my office space. Also everything sorted, discarded and replaced the furniture. Heaven ... it accumulates so much stuff in a short time! Some of the furniture I had to rebuild and then re-paint each part

Yeah .... meantime I would have to get discount on  painter products ;). After all - now I finally have more multi-functional space. Promised: if everything is set up again, I'll show you the complete space changing!



It's wonderful to start the day with a walk at the beach

My dog ​​has a lot of fun with the waves and I always can find amazing shells. 
It is a little, as if I would be for an hour or two into another era.

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Modern (student) life in small space...

Meanwhile, my son is grown up and is now studying His room and the old furniture were no longer usable for his current needs and a complete change was overdue.
And since we have a dressing room, the large cabinet was converted as 'One-in-All'. It houses blankets, bags, drawing materials, books, study materials, folders, CDs, DVDs, computer accessories, the music system, one million cables and connectors and so on.
What do you think ... have I done a good job? ;)

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